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Power lifters collect their medals at awards ceremony

July 21, 2010

Corinne Burger

Zachary Mayer of Idaho, Eric Therkildsen of Colorado and Kenneth Taylor of South Carolina proudly display their medals at the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games on Monday.

Photo: Corinne Burger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Powerlifter aims to ‘beat the best’

Fred Tenorio

Story and photo by Emily Bliss

Freddy Anthony Tenorio fell in love with weight lifting at age 14.

He began body building in a local gym in Cheyenne, Wyo.  Even as he worked on carving the perfect abs — and later moved into several track and field sports — he never forgot the shouts of enthusiasm he would hear for power lifters.

Now, at age 43, Tenorio is representing Team Wyoming in the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games as a heavyweight power lifter. He will compete on Wednesday, July 21, in three events: squats, dead lift and bench press.

Before shifting to power lifting, Tenorio took part in track and field, ranking seventh in the world in the decathlon at the Special Olympics World Games.

“I love power lifting more than body building, honestly. This is my sport now,” Tenorio said. “Power lifting is where I’m kicking some butt and when I compete the best. I’m going to beat the best.”

The roar of the crowd inspires Tenorio to push himself to excel.

“When I see that crowd, my motivation gets heavy, my adrenaline gets heavy, and it’s just pulsing,” Tenorio said.

Tenorio has certainly lived up to the standard for a heavyweight lifter. His personal records so far have been 405 lbs. in both squats and dead lift and up to 265 lbs. in bench press. Of the three events, he said he is most proud of the squats. As for Tenorio’s goals for the week, he is aiming for the highest goal of all.

“I’m hungry for that gold medal,” Tenorio said.

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Ayalin started with bowling; now he’s doing power lifting

July 20, 2010

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Story and Video: Brooke Herbig, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

When Romeo Ayalin began competing in the Special Olympics at age 9, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and heart and speech conditions. The native of the Philippines could participate only in bowling because of his handicaps.

On July 19, Ayalin represented Surprise, Ariz., during 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games, competing in the lightweight power lifting competition.

As Ayalin participates in Special Olympics, his posture and general condition have improved. He has participated in basketball, track and field and volleyball. He eventually got to go to the World Games in 1995 and represent Team USA.

After Ayalin saw California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Special Olympics event, he started to study Schwarzenegger, watching the former bodybuilder and actor’s movies and reading about him in magazines.

When asked what he would do if he ever got the chance to meet Schwarzenegger, Ayalin said, “If I ever met Arnold, I would treat him to McDonalds”.

The Special Olympics are exceptionally important to Ayalin. His parents are proud of their son and grateful to the Special Olympics.

“First comes God, then the Special Olympics,” Ayalin’s mother, Cristina, said. The Special Olympics and his church have changed Ayalin’s life.

According to Ayalin’s brother, Romeo, “If we can find people like us who will love our brother the same that we love him, he will make a miracle.”

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Hoosier tests his mettle in powerlifting

bench press

Indiana athlete Patrick Knollman successfully lifts 62.5 kilos at the powerlifting competition for the 2010 USA National Games.

Photo: Pat Radigan, UNL

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Michael Sarver awards medals to powerlifters

Former American Idol contestant Michael Sarver hands out medals to powerlifting champions at the 2010 Special Olympics USA National games.

Video: Allison Wilson , UNL | Edited by: Pat Radigan

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Lifters power ahead in Games

Athletes Christy Robinson of Alabama, Kiri Less of Maryland, Shale Erickson of North Dakota and Joni Langley of Arkansas dazzle the crowds.

Video: Emily Sallach, UNL Edited by: Pat Radigan, UNL

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Powerlifting champions receive awards

July 19, 2010


Champions in the Division J Combination Division of the male powerlifting competition receive their awards on stage at Kimball auditorium.

Photo: Pat Radigan, UNL

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