“Thank you for thinking about me and sending me your two issues of Native Daughters. What an excellent publication. I am very proud of you young people who worked so hard on this. It is about time that others besides Pocahontas and Sacajawea are getting the recognition they so truly deserve for their contribution for the survival of Native Nations. Young people should know without their strong will and determination to survive, there would not have been any warriors standing up for our Peoples and Nations. I know personally women warriors was my inspiration to be a warrior for our Peoples.

Wilma Mankiller was one of the first who came to my side to try and save me from this life of hell 39 years ago and not once did she ever hesitate with her support. She was always there whenever I asked for something. Her passing was an enormous lost to Native Peoples. I also knew most of the others in you mag, and they too deserve this honoring. Thank you for doing that for them.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse, DOKSHA, LEONARD PELTIER.”

-Leonard Peltier, AIM leader and and Anishinabe-Lakota political prisoner whose immediate release is supported by Amnesty International, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Congress of American Indians, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rev. Jesse Jackson, among many others



“Dear Shelby,
Before any more time passes, I want to thank you for sending me a copy of Native Daughters Oklahoma.

I enjoyed reading the profile of Wilma Mankiller, and appreciate that you paid tribute to her.

All my best wishes to you,
Bill Clinton”

-President Bill Clinton



“I am not easily impressed and the magazine you all did is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL/AWESOME!! I AM IMPRESSED!! Great people selected for interviews. Great photos. Great interviews/stories. I had some work to do when I came home and when I started looking at the magazine, I couldn’t put it down. I know several of the people interviewed. The interview with Wilma is just beautiful. You put so much true feeling, emotion, compassion, strength from the staff and Wilma’s heart into the story. I could just feel Wilma all around me. Emotional time. Thank you all for doing a superb job on Wilma Mankiller’s story and others. I am so proud of you all and the Native Daughters magazine certainly inspires young Native Women to reach higher than one can imagine. It certainly re-ignited/lifted my spirit to do more. Thank you Shelby, Rachael, and the staff of Native Daughters magazine. Send love. I am proud of you all. // Charilei.”

-Charlie Soap, husband of the late Wilma Mankiller and co-director and co-producer of The Cherokee Word for Water



“Thank you for thinking of me and sharing Native Daughters Oklahoma. The journal is so well done. The graphics, the articles, the continuity make it hard to put down. It is an excellent piece of work. I feel like I have a better understanding of the role of Native women and their struggles for reading the publication. I will share it among my family and friends. XO”

-Janice Rockwell, prominent Illinois artist



“I was moved to tears. I felt my Native Grandmother in my heart. Literally as I looked at the pages, I see women that look like me and I beyond grateful. Your work blesses us all. Your work is and should be required educational reading.

Your work with Native Daughters Oklahoma makes me so proud and hopeful for our future generations. I must say I have never felt more American or more whole as a woman. No one ever tells our stories with such truth. As I told you, Joe, if I had had books like this growing up, I would have had a better understanding of my place in the WORLD! I would have never allowed anyone outside of me to define me. I would not have been so uncomfortable in my own skin. How dare they!

Forgive my rambling but your students are STARS. Please tell them they have contributed something to the world that will stand the test of time. Most people never get the chance to say that. Look at what you have done. Set your goals, continue to prepare for your dreams, because I assure you, there is nothing, nothing you cannot not do!!!!!!!!! Continue to believe in yourselves. I have never met you, but I believe in all of you. You, your work, will stand as a reminder to believe in the impossible.”

-Shar Carter, close friend of donor Ginette Overall and marketing executive for Power Ready



To the staff, writers, photographers, and editors of Native Daughters:
Thank you so much for the passion and attention and love you put into this series of compelling, emotional, and inspiring stories of Native Daughters. When you travel as much as I do throughout Indian Country and meet so many Native women who are the strength and soul of various Tribes, you walk away from your meetings with them knowing that their communities are in good hands. It is important to feature and focus and speak about these important women to the past, present, and future of all Indian Country. Without them we are not as strong as we need to be to prepare for our future. Our young people need their wisdom and guidance; and our leaders need their inspiration. There are so many women like the ones you feature in your magazines that have stories to be told. But many of them merely do what they do – – prepare us for the future and keep our communities and cultures alive. Thank you for taking the time and heart to do this important work. Please keep going. We need these stories and we need to know these women are part of the fabric of Indian Country because their presence gives us all strength.”

-Janie Hipp, Director of the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative and professor of law at the University of Arkansas