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JORDAN PASCALE, a news-editorial major with minors in psychology and history, is from Omaha, Neb. He was an Omaha World-Herald fellow in spring 2009 and an intern at the Lincoln Journal Star in the spring of 2010, and he continues to do so following graduation. Jordan'� s responsibilities in the Native Daughters depth report were to interview, report and write about Native women healers. "I got to learn about and appreciate the work Susan La Flesche Picotte did for her people and meet modern-day medical pioneers like Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord, who is just an amazing woman," he said. "But the breadth of healers was only a fraction of what I learned about from Native women; the constant parade of strong women into our classroom on a weekly basis was something to behold, and I took a little bit from each one. " I hope this project continues for many years to come. We talked to probably well over a hundred people, but there are so many more stories out there. Every Native woman has a story - I want future journalism students to be able to tell it." View Jordan's Interview Video

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