It is our belief that one cannot understand America without understanding Native Americans. One cannot understand Native America without understanding the historical, political and cultural role that Native American women have played and continue to play in indigenous life.

Native Daughters is a two-year project from the first meeting to the finished magazine and website, involving five University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors and about 30 students. The idea stemmed from several brainstorming sessions among professors looking for a new way to tell an older story about indigenous America.

The magazine and website products were broken down into three semesters of work: Spring ’09 involving content producers traveling to Pine Ridge during spring break for grass roots reporting; Fall ’09 involving students writing stories, shooting photos/video and creating new media; Spring ’10 involving students editing and pulling together content to produce the finished printed and digital products.


Reporting Team

  • Astrid Munn
  • Carson Vaughan
  • Christina DeVries
  • Jordan Pascale
  • Katie Stearns
  • Molly Young
  • ShannonSmith

  • Web Team

    • Matt Buxton
    • Alan Eno
    • Clay Lomneth
    • Anthony Troester

    Documentary Team

    • Alan Eno
    • Princella Parker
    • Ford Clark

    Magazine Team

    • Elizabeth Gamez
    • Hanna Peterson
    • Natasha Richardson
    • Johnna Hjersman
    • Elizabeth Gasaway
    • Charlie Pfister
    • Krista Vogel
    • Maggie Liggett
    • Anthony Troester

    Professors and Assistants

    • Judi Gaiashkibos
    • Joe Starita
    • Scott Winter
    • John Wunder
    • Christine Lesiak
    • Princella Parker
    • Nancy Kelsey