Cultural orientation: The one-on-one support that welcomes refugees

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By Flora Zempleni Drew Miller is supposed to work with refugees for only 90 days, the official amount of time for Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska. However, he often finds himself involved in their lives for years. “Refugees come back with small questions seemingly years out,” Miller said. Miller is a caseworker at Catholic >

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Mosaic graphic: the refugee process

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By Eric Bertrand Syrian refugees—whether the United States should allow them into the country and how difficult it is for them to receive clearance—have been in the news lately. The U.S. House of representatives has passed a bill to limit Syrian refugees from gaining refugee status in the U.S. This graphic offers a quick look >

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Academy hones leadership skills


By Kollin Miller The entire bus ride to Washington, D.C., Dieudonne Manirakiza sat very excited, but at the same time, nervous. The traffic certainly wasn’t helping. Through stop-and-go traffic they went. Finally, the bus arrived on Capitol Hill. Manirakiza and the other refugees who attended the 2015 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy were getting a

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Yazidi in Lincoln seek their own burial site

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By Doug Norby Although he came to America in 2010, Shekh Hassan Hassan always thought that when he died his body would be sent back for burial to the Sinjar District of Iraq, the home of his people, the Yazidi. That all changed in August 2014 when the terrorist group known as the Islamic State

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Family literacy program helps parents cope


By Kaitlin Karins Every morning after taking his son to McPhee Elementary School, Jorge Corrales makes his way to his family literacy class at First Presbyterian Church. Lincoln Public Schools has teamed up with Southeast Community College and First Presbyterian Church to provide a family literacy program for the parents of children attending McPhee elementary.

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Mother, daughter race to graduate college

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By Flora Zempleni Lailoma Ayubzai and her daughter, Tamana, are competing to see who can graduate college first. At the moment, Ayubzai is ahead of Tamana by a few semesters. For the 48-year-old refugee, being in college at all is a huge accomplishment. She didn’t think she would ever be able to go back to

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Pastor travels to find answer and church

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By Kollin Miller A small room is lined with about a hundred chairs. Split into two sections with rows of six, seven, eight or nine. A small wooden table serves as an altar, and a large wooden cross with a stained-glass center stands behind it. People start to trickle in, and soon, nearly every chair […]

November 14, 2015 at 11:21 am


Long-time friends find way to do more

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By Bailey Neel For refugees who come to this country with nothing, it takes just a few people to make all the difference. People willing to give money, time and energy to complete strangers. Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Services and other organizations count on these people to help refugees transition to a new country and […]

November 13, 2015 at 2:12 pm


My family has a long history in the U.S.

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By Sophia Tatum A miniature, scale-model of the pilgrim ship the Mayflower sits on a bookshelf in my family’s home library. It might look like its primary function is for home décor, as it does somewhat match the dark woods of the bookshelves and warm colors presented in the paintings on the walls. This model […]

October 13, 2015 at 1:26 pm

Our Stories

Everyone’s talking about Aguek Arop

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By Megan McGill Fourth Quarter On a corner of 38th Street in South Omaha resides an old white house. It hides behind an old oak tree, whose branches cover the front porch. The house is lined with a silver fence that encloses the small front lawn. A single detached garage sits on the side. In […]

November 13, 2015 at 11:34 am

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