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Part 2: Great time to be at UNL

Entering the Big Ten Conference in 2011 presented the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate what kind of university it is and what it wants to be. Chancellor Harvey Perlman has made it clear that we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a great Research 1 University even better.

Perlman has set extraordinary new goals that have captivated and energized everyone on campus. The goals are nothing short of an astonishing challenge to all of us on campus, and they have created an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

By 2017 we plan to

  • Increase annual enrollment growth from 2.25% to 3%, resulting in a goal of 30,000 students
  • Add 160 tenure-track faculty to make a total of 1,300
  • Increase our six-year graduation rate from 64% to 70%
  • Graduate students after 120-hours of credits
  • More than double our research expenditures to $300 million a year, and
  • Double the number of faculty receiving national recognition and awards

Taken together, these goals translate into a tight, intense focus on recruitment and retention. We’re evaluating old methods and experimenting with new ones. And the focus always is the student. How do we attract the best students and keep them? How do we improve their academic and campus life experiences?

That’s why it’s a great time to be at UNL. Everyone is looking at the entire university experience and seeking ways to improve it. We are adding students and faculty and increasing research support. In an era of cutbacks, we’re growing.

Gary Kebbel                                                                                                           Dean

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