UNL students work with Indian journalists

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_stN0KVyRGo]

Video by Poh Si Teng | Additional Video by Camila Orti

Poh Si Teng, a freelance videographer for the New York Times and a World Media Academy instructor, created a short video about our visit to Delhi and our work with WMA.

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2 Responses to UNL students work with Indian journalists

  1. Good work Matt.
    satyawan verma 094165899987

  2. Shuriah Niazi says:

    I really liked your work. I visited Lincoln, Nebraska last year as a fellow of International Visitors Leadership Program, but could not meet with you all. I am delighted to see your work. Would like to remain in touch with you all.

    shuriah niazi


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