Guabirá has purchased and donated motorcycles and bulletproof vests to help the local police force in preventing robberies. To reduce car accidents and ease the harvest season's high traffic, Guabirá also purchased a communications system for the town and donated bulbs for traffic lights.
   "These are the good issues that we do for our people and their safety," Dorado said.
   The ability of Guabirá to give back to the people stems from the social network the union is built upon, Aguilera said.
   "Guabirá starts with a big social base —people that never dreamed of being owners of the refinery," he said. "And thanks to the collective work of us, we took the chance believing this could be."
   Guabirá strives to be environmentally responsible in all of its efforts.
   Hugo Melgar Solares, the refinery's communications director, said Guabirá uses trees to prevent soil erosion in sugar cane fields. Proper measures are also taken to recycle sugar cane waste, and the factory operates a water treatment plant to clean its water and deposit it in ponds to be used for irrigation in a drought.
   In its partnership, the key to Guabirá's success is respect, Dorado said.
   "Respect is the most important thing," he said. "It is important to respect the agriculture production. It is a chain. Our federation works with everyone who is involved in production, such as transporters and business people. We invite them to participate with us."
   The value of respect is a lesson Aguilera hopes others can learn. When sugar cane growers in other countries ask Aguilera how they make Guabirá work, he gives them a simple answer: "We did it by reaching mutual respect between workers and cane cutters."