"We cannot grow as a country," Luis Rodrigo Santander, another University of San Andrés student, said in Spanish. "It is because we cannot export anything."
   While each country has its own version of the war, the damage to Bolivia is undeniable. Bolivia's southern border shifted from the 24th parallel south to almost the 20th. The rich deposits of minerals? Gone. The ports to transport goods? Gone. The 300 miles of coastline free from taxes and regulations? Gone.
   "In this moment Bolivia doesn't have the military capacity of Chile, we don't have military means to get to the sea, [and] we believe we need to keep working and make an effort and improve the quality of our people," Españolino said.
   Typical of any landlocked nation, Bolivia does not crack the top 50 countries in gross domestic product. In fact, only one landlocked country is ranked in the top 20 — Switzerland.
   "We are not a developed country," Cajías said. "Sometimes it has been exaggerated in saying [a lack of ocean access] is the most important factor. ... It is an important one together with others, social, political and economic problems and in this sense the Bolivian fight to recover it, not all the territory, but at least to have an access to the sea — for dignity."
   "Maybe then [after we improve the standard of living in Bolivia] in like 100 years we could ask to get the sea returned to us," Españolino said.

Looking forward
   There have been many plans to try to regain ocean access for Bolivia. Architects have proposed a tunnel to the ocean under Chile and Perú. Others hold out with hope to negotiate with Chile. The Navy has tried to create a new transportation route for goods on the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean. However, even this route would leave Bolivia subject to taxes, regulations and the possibility of being closed off at the whim of another country. And even though the Bolivamar agreement is being hailed as ending Bolivia's lack of ocean access, the country may never stop yearning for its own full coastline along the water of the Pacific.