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Table of Contents   - Piledriving the Patriarchy   - Risk and Respect   - Turned Away   - United in Sisterhood   - The Defeated "Master of War"
Table of Contents   - A Messy Success   - Tuned Out   - Daybreak   - A World of Difference   - Small Loans Big Difference
Table of Contents   - Growth From Tradition   - Rooted in Controversy   - Lithium Rush   - Sticking Together   - Landlocked

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications and the Bolivia Depth Report team would like to thank the following:

Carnegie Corporation

University Health Center

Ryan J. Downing, Sandra Halpern, Luiza Adamyan, Rachel Albin, María Almazán de Vásquez, Abby Bogatz, Verónica Germán-López, Alexis Jiménez, Gloria Kitterer, Ana M. López-Aguilera, Lexi Nesson, Loni O'Grady, Andrea Vasquez, Linsay Wach

Dr. Sherilyn Fritz, Kevin Healy, Matt Joeckel, Carolyn Johnsen, Brooke Larson, Wes Peterson, Tupac Saavedra, Joe Starita

Angela Monje and the staff of America Tours

The Bolivian people.

Student Reporters:

Rachel Albin: Rooted in Controversy
Carrie Brauer: Growth from Tradition | Sticking Together
Patrick Breen: Photographer
Elizabeth Gamez: United in Sisterhood | Small Loans, Big Difference
Ellen Hirst: Risk and Respect | Turned Away
Brady Jones: Piledriving the Patriarchy
Casey Mills: The Defeated Master of War
Marcus Scheer: Landlocked
Justin Swanson: A Messy Success
Andrea Vasquez: Tuned Out | Daybreak
Kate Veik: Lithium Rush

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Krista Vogel, copy chief
Brittany Sturek, managing editor
Rachel Albin
Eileen Boehmer
Chelle Boomgaarden
Blair Euteneuer

Claudia Carrasco
Maya Ar de García
Alexis Maceda
Araceli Mendiluce

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Brady Jones, design chief
Marcus Scheer, photo chief
Emma Anderson
Katy Healey
Kay Kemmet
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Waskar Ari
Marina Murillo
Tupac Saavedra

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Kyle Bruggeman, web chief
Elizabeth Venrick

Advising Professor:
Scott Winter

Advising Professors:
Luis Peón-Casanova
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John Wunder

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