Advertising is connecting with consumers on multiple levels. Learn how to do it at UNL CoJMC. CONNECT WITH US!

Growth in digital, social and mobile media brings increased opportunities for young people. At the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications (CoJMC), you will learn how to understand consumers well enough to create strategic messages and interactions. It's part art and part science as advertisers seek to influence consumers' brand preferences.

No one does it like UNL. The CoJMC allows you to customize your curriculum, making it more art or more science, more business or more psychology. Customization continues through the Advertising and Public Relations curriculum that encourages you to select one of three tracks or allows you to create your own. At the CoJMC, you will enjoy hands-on classes from day one with a mix of advertising, public relations and journalism concepts. You will learn to create a mix of media, including digital and mobile, with a unified message.

Hear from national and global experts, meet area professionals and interact with them in classes and in Ad Club, affiliated with the American Advertising Federation. Build your portfolio and enter your work in Addys competition; maybe you'll help UNL take home more wins than any other college in Nebraska, like we did in 2012. Do real work for real clients in Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns classes, at Jacht student ad agency, or for UNL's National Advertising Student Competition (NSAC) team, a four-time regional champion and the 2012 national champion.

One of the most exciting aspects of advertising is the diversity of employment opportunities – in research, writing, visual communication, media planning, sales, social media, and more; for a business, a non-profit, an agency or the media. In addition, new jobs are being created as new media develop. Customize your curriculum at the UNL CoJMC to meet the demands of a changing industry, get hands-on instruction from day one, and find new ways to connect with consumers through digital and mobile media. For more information, contact Frauke Hachtmann,

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